2.2kw motor VFD

2.2kw motor VFD

Medium Voltage VFD, Variable Speed Drives VFD, AC Variable Frequency Drive manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drives VFD, AC Drive Custom Panels for Frequency Inverter, Medium Voltage Drives for AC Inverter Motor and so on.

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Product Details

2.2kw Motor VFD
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: AVF580 series

  • Output Type: Triple

  • Transport Package: Export Standard Packing

  • Application: High-performance Transducer, Three Phase Transducer, General Transducer, Single-phase Transducer

  • Principle of Work: Vector Control Transducer

  • Link of Transformation: AC-DC-AC Variable-Frequency Drive

  • Function: Textile Special, Constant Torque Universal Type

Product Description

AVF580 series vfd adopts high-performance vector control technology, outputting with low speed and high torque, which has great dynamic characteristics and superior overload capacity, provided with user-programmable function, background monitoring software and communication bus function, supporting various kinds of PG cards. It has powerful combined functions and stable performance. It is used in spinning, papermaking, machinery, steel, petroleum, chemical, package, food, fan, water pump and driving of various kinds of automation equipment.



Numerous voltage classes: It supports single-phase 220V, three-phase 220V, three-phase 380V, three-phase 480V and three-phase 690V.
Numerous control modes: vector control of speed sensor, vector control of speed-less sensor, V/F control, and V/F individual control
Numerous fieldbuses: It supports four buses, including Modbus-RTU, Profibus-DP, CANlink, CANopen.
High starting torque: It provides 150% of starting torque under 0.5Hz, and 180% of zero-speed torque under 0Hz.
Powerful protection functions: Input and output phase-loss protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection, overheating protection, overload protection and short circuit protection.

Preeminent responsiveness: supporting of various kinds of motors; various encoder types; rapid current limiting function; automatic voltage-constant function; virtual input and output function; multiple-motor switching function; user parameter recovering and function parameter customizing function; optional failure process mode function; PID parameter switching function; transient power failure no-stop function; timing service function (6500 minutes at most); built-in PLC and 16-velocity function.

Product Parameter
The max frequencyVector frequency scope:0-300Hz
V/F frequency scope:0-320Hz
Carrier frequency0.5kHz-16kHz(self-adjusting)
The frequency resolution
of import
The setting figure: 0.01Hz
The simulation setting:(The max frequency)*0.025%
The control methodSVC
V/F control
Pull-in torqueType G:0.5Hz/150% (SVC); 0Hz/180% (FVC)
Type P:0.5Hz/100%
Overload capacityType G:The duration of 150% rated current is 60s
The duration of 180% rated current is 3s
Type P:The duration of 120% rated current is 60s
The duration of 150% rated current is 3s
Torque BoostAUTO-Torque Boost
HM-Torque Boost:0.1%-30%
DC brakingDC braking frequency:0.00Hz-The max frequency
Electronic controlThe range of frequency:0.00Hz-50.00Hz
The duration of acceleration and deceleration:0.0s-6500.0s
Simple PLC,
Multi-velocity control
In the control of built-in PlC or terminal,there are 16 velocities.
Built-in PIDBe easy to control the closed-loop control system
AVRKeeping the output voltage stability,when grid voltage instability.
The control of over 
voltage and current
Auto-limited the voltage and current ,
preventing trip result from often brake-make.
Fast current limiting functionMinimizing flow failures, protect the normal operation of the inverter
Torque limit and control"Excavator" characteristics, the torque limit automatically during running, prevent frequent over-current trip; The torque control closed-loop vector model is achieved



It is used in wire drawing machine, film winding, coating machine, CNC machine tools, weaving machines, jacquard machines, fans, pumps, chemical fiber, textile, synchronous interaction, injection molding machines, lifting, elevator, machine tools, rolling mills, tube wire processing , lifting, lifting equipment, mill.

Product Certifications

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Company Information

Nanjing Aubo Electric Co.,Ltd, locates at the Eastern China - Nanjing , nearby Shanghai, which is a private joint-equity enterprise integrating development, production and sales of software and equipment in the field of energy saving and electric automation control. The product covers AST1 series smart soft starter, AVF5 series high-performance VFD, double-PWM AC-DC-AC alternating electromagnetic power supply, PLC and DCS control system; the company possesses first-rate talents, technologies and equipment, and powerful product R&D center, and the technical level always ranks top in China. Our products have excellent performance and reliable quality, widely applied in the fields of papermaking, steel, mining, petroleum, chemical, spinning, printing and dyeing, sewage treatment and others, which obtains good reputation from clients;

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