7.5kw 220v To 110v Vector Control Frequency Inverters

7.5kw 220v To 110v Vector Control Frequency Inverters

Basic Info Model NO.: AVF580 Output Type: Triple Switch Mode: PWM Control Voltage of Power Supply: Low Voltage Variable-Frequency Drive Nature of DC Power: Low Voltage Variable-Frequency Drive Brand: AUBO Output Voltage: 170-240V or 330-440V Control Method: V/F, Sensorless Flux Vector Control...

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Product Details

Products Specifiction

Maximum frequency0~300Hz
Carrier frequency0.5kHz~16kHzAccording to the load characteristics, carrier frequency
can be adjusted automatically
Input frequency
Digital setting: 0.01Hz,Analog setting: X0.025% Maximum frequency
Control mode

V/F contro1



Start torque


Speed range

1:100 (SVC)


Overload capability150% rated current for 60S, 180% rated current for 3s
Torque boostAuto Torque boost , Manual Torque boost 0.1% to 30%
V F curveLine , Multi-point , Square V/F curve , V / F separation
Line or S-curve Acc/Dec mode : four kinds of Acc/Dec time,Range of
Acc/Dec Time : 0.0 to 6500.0s
DC brakeDC brake frequency : 0.00Hz ~ Maximum frequency
Brake current value : 0.0 to 100%
Brake time : 0.0 ~ 36.0s
Jog controlJog frequency range:0.00Hz~50.00Hz
Simple PLC Multi-speed
16-speed operating through control terminal
Built-in PIDClose loop control system can be formed easily by using PID
Automatic voltage
regulating (AVR)
Output voltage is regulated when voltage of the power network changes
Overvoltage , Overcurrent
stall control
During the VFD running , output current and bus voltage is limited
automatically to prevent frequent overcurrent and overvoltage trip
Fast current limiting
Minimize reduce overcurrent fault inorder to protect inverter running
Bus SupportModbus communication with international standards
Command sourceKeyboard reference,control terminal reference,serial communication
port reference,can be switched by a variety of ways
Frequency sourceten frequency sources :digital fererence,analog voltage reference,
analog current reference,pulse reference,serial communication
por treference ,can be switched by a variety of ways
Auxiliary frequency
ten auxiliary frequency sources ,Flexibility to implement auxiliary
frequency tuning, frequency synthesizer
Input terminalFive digital input terminals, one high-speed pulse support
max 100kHz input ,two analog input terminals, can support0~10V
voltage input or 0~20mA current input
Output terminalOne digital output terminals,One relay output terminal ;One analog output
terminal , support 0~20mA current output or 0~10V voltage output
Key Lock and function
Achieve some or all of the keys locked, delimit fuctions some or all of
keys to prevent erroneous operation
Protection functionInput/output phase failure protection ,Over- current protection ;Over-
voltage protection;Under- voltage protection; Over- heat protection ;
Over-load protection