CE Certification 380v Vfd Variable Frequency Drive

CE Certification 380v Vfd Variable Frequency Drive

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Product Details

Product introduce

 1.  Display of LED digital,Chinese/English LCD etc

 2.  Open loop vector,closed loop vector(optional,add with PG),V/F control

 3.  Keyboard locator(0-5V),external analog (0-10V/0-20mA),external signal


 4.  8 steps speed ,forward and reverse,hopping frequency,acceleration and deceleration,

      counter,jog acceleration and deceleration,wake of PID sleep,PG,ect.

 5.  Built-in 485 port independently;Mobus:ASCII and RTU

 6.  Frequency set: keyboard ,external analog,pulse frequency,PC serial


 7.  Precision of speed control: closed loop vector control ±0.05% rated frequency;

     Open loop vector control ±0.5% rated frequency.

 8.  Scope of speed control with PG feedback vector 1:1000;without PG feedback

     vector 1:100

 9.  With PG feedback vector control,torque response<150ms;without PG feedback

     vector control,torque response<200ms

10. PG feedback vector control:200% rated output torque/0.05HZ;No PG feedback

     vector control:150% rated output torque/0.5HZ

11. Precision of torquecontrol:±5% rated output torque

12. Over-load protection,over-voltage stall,overload forecast,automatic current

     limit,automatic fault reset,under-voltage protection,over-heating protection,

     phase- lack protection,ect.

Trade Item

1.Delivery term: FOB, CIF,EXW are available.


2.Payment term:30% prepayment, 70% before dispatching


3.Production lead-time: 1-2 weeks


4.Shipping lead-time: 4-6 weeks


5.Logistics: best service forwarder with good price, long term partner.