Made In China Inverter Price 1 Phase To 3 Phase 1000w 20000w Inverter

Made In China Inverter Price 1 Phase To 3 Phase 1000w 20000w Inverter

VFD, Frequency Inverter, AC Drive manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 1 Phase To 3 Phase 1000w 20000w Inverter, Electric Motor Speed Control/Variable Frequency Drive,Vector Control IP20 Variable Frequency Drive for General Purpose and so on.

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Product Details

tandard Function
Control modeSensorless flux vector control(SFVC)
Voltage/Frequency(V/F) control
Maximum frequencyVector control:0-320Hz
V/F control:0-3200Hz
Carrier frequency1-16kHz
The carrier frequency is automatically adjusted based on the load features.
Input frequency resolutionDigital setting:0.01Hz
Analog setting:maximum frequency x 0.025%
Startup torqueG type:0.5 Hz/150%(SFVC)
P type:0.5 Hz/100%
Speed range1:100(SFVC)
Speed stability accuracy±0.5%(SFVC)
Torque control accuracy± 5% (CLVC)
Overload capacityG type:60s for 150% of the rated current,3s for 180% of the rated current.
P type:60s for 120% of the rated current,3s for 150% of the rated current.
Torque boostFixed boost
Customized boost 0.1%-30.0%
V/F CurveStraight-line V/F curve
Multi-point V/F curve
V/F curve(1.2-power,1.4-power,1.6-power,1.8-power,square
V/F separationTwo types:complete separation;half separation
Ramp modeStraight-line ramp
S-curve ramp
Four groups of acceleration/deceleration time with the range of 0.0-6500.0s
DC brakingDC braking frequency:0.00 Hz to maximum frequency
Braking time:0.0-100.0s
Braking action current value:0.0%-100%
JOG controlJOG frequency range:0.00-50.00Hz
JOG acceleration/deceleration time:0.0-6500.s
Onboard multipleIt implements up to 16 speeds via the simple PLC function or combination of X terminal states
Onboard PIDIt realizes process-controlled closed loop control systerm easily
Auto voltage regulation(AVR)It can keep constant output voltage automatically when the main voltage changes
Overvoltage/Overcurrent stall controlThe current and voltage are limited automatically during the running process so as to avoid frequent tripping due to overvoltage/over current
Torque limit and controlIt can limit the torque automatically and prevent frquent over current tripping during the running process
Instantaneous stop doesn't stopThe load feedback energy compensates the voltage reduction so that the AC drive can continue to run for a short time
Rapid current limitIt helps to avoid frequent over current faults of the AC drive
High performaceControl of asynchronous motor is implemented throgh the high-performance current vector
Control technology
Timing controlTime range:0.0-6500.0 minutes
Communication methodsRS485
Running command channelGiven by the panel,control terminals.Serial communication port,can be switched by many ways
Frequency source10 kinds of frequency source,given by Digital analog voltage,analog current,Pulse,serial port.can be switched by man ways.
Auxiliary frequency source10 kinds of Frequency source,can easily realize Micro ajustment,frequency Synthesizer.
Input and output
Input terminal6 digitak input terinals,one of which supports up to100kHz high-speed pulse input.
2 analog input terminal,one of which only supports 0-10v voltage input and the other supports 0-10v voltage input or 4-20 mA current input
Output termianl1 digital output terminal
1 relay output terminal
1 analog output termianl:that supports 0-20 mA current output or 0-10V voltage ouput