75KW soft starter can start 90KW motor

- Jul 27, 2017 -

75KW soft starter can start 90KW motor?

We know how much power the soft starter to drive the power of the motor, then the low-power soft starter can start high-power soft starter? For example, 75KW soft starter can start 90KW motor?

First of all, this is certainly not work, if the power section of the general, then the soft starter no need to sub-file. First, the power is large, the starting current is relatively large, if you do not use the appropriate power section of the soft starter, will lead to thyristor breakdown, soft starter burned.

If it is overloaded equipment, but also need to enlarge the power section of a file, or easily lead to the breakdown of thyristor.

At the same time the soft starter start must also be loaded, because the loop need to produce a certain current, you can maintain the triggering of the SCR module. Can be without load so much power, three bulbs can be debugged.

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