Application effect of up converter in air compressor

- Jul 27, 2017 -

Now there are many air compressors use frequency converter, inverter in the air compressor role, and its fan, motor, water pump motor energy saving effect, according to the load changes to control voltage, frequency input.

Then, what's the energy saving effect of the inverter in the air compressor? Here, I'll give you a brief introduction..

1, the use of the frequency converter, air compressor pressure setting can be a point, that can meet the minimum pressure requirements of production equipment as the set pressure, the frequency converter will according to the pipe network pressure fluctuation, adjust the compressor speed, or even eliminate the unloading operation of air compressor, save energy.

2, because the inverter system of the pipe network under pressure is stable, can reduce or even eliminate the pressure fluctuations, so that all air compressor system in the operation is run in a meet the production requirements of lower pressure, reduce the power loss caused by the fluctuation of pressure to lose.

3, because the air compressor can not rule out the possibility of long running in full load state, so the capacity of the motor can only be determined according to the maximum demand, so the design capacity is generally large. In actual operation, the proportion of light load running time is very high, and if the frequency control is adopted, the working efficiency can be greatly improved.  Therefore, the inverter plays an important role in the air compressor system and has great potential for energy saving.

4, some adjustment methods, even in the case of small demand, it can not reduce the power of the motor. After adopting frequency conversion speed regulation, when the demand is small, the speed of the motor can be reduced, and the running power of the motor is reduced, so as to further realize the energy saving.

5, most of the single motor drive system can not be adjusted continuously according to the weight of the load. After adopting frequency conversion speed regulation, it can be conveniently adjusted continuously to maintain the stability of parameters such as pressure, flow rate, temperature and so on, thus greatly improving the performance of the compressor.

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