Capacitor compensation cabinet

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Most of the load types in the power system are inductive loads, and electricity companies generally use power electronic equipment, making the power factor of the grid low. The lower power factor reduces device utilization, increases power investment, damages voltage quality, reduces device life, and greatly increases line losses.


In the actual power system, most of the load is an asynchronous motor. The equivalent circuit can be seen as resistance and inductance of the series circuit, the voltage and current phase difference is large, the power factor is low. Shunt capacitor, the capacitor current will offset part of the inductor current, so that the inductor current decreases, the total current decreases, the voltage and current phase difference becomes smaller, the power factor increases.

Product description

In order to improve the power grid power factor is low brought about by the waste of energy and these adverse power supply

Capacitor compensation cabinet

Production factors, the grid power factor must be effectively improved. Obviously, these reactive power is usually unreasonable if it is provided by the generator and transmitted over long distances. A reasonable way is to produce reactive power in the place where reactive power, that is, increase the reactive power compensation equipment and devices

Product structure

In general, the low-voltage capacitor compensation cabinet by the cabinet, bus, circuit breakers, disconnectors, thermal relays, contactors, surge arresters, capacitors, reactors, one or two wires, terminal blocks, power factor automatic compensation control device, Instruments and other components.

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