Comprehensive interpretation of the power distribution cabinet model part 1

- Jun 07, 2018 -

Distribution cabinets are collectively referred to as motor control centers. Distribution cabinets are used where the load is relatively decentralized and there are few loops. In general, we see that the power distribution cabinets are installed in more hidden corners.

Distribution cabinet model

There are many types of distribution cabinets, and generally different manufacturers have their own models.

China's models include MLS, GCS, GCK GGD, etc.

Foreign manufacturers ABB have: MD190, MNS, ArTu, Blokset, 8PT and so on.

The general standard model is GB7251.1

Distribution cabinet model number

First place: P-open low-voltage switchgear, G-closed low-voltage switchgear

Second place: G-fixed, C-extracted, H-fixed, and mixed-loaded.

Third place: L (or D)-power, K-control, S-senyuan electrical system

GGD is cheaper, and GCS and GCK are economical.

Example: GGD/M/J①②③

G-AC low-voltage distribution cabinet

G-electrical components fixed installation, fixed wiring

D-power cabinet

M-Panel Operation

J-electrostatic capacitor

①-Design No.: 1. Breaking capacity is 15kA; 2. Breaking capacity is 30kA; 3. Breaking capacity is 50kA

②-main circuit program code

③-Auxiliary Circuit Scheme Code

Multiple transmitter

Detailed distribution cabinet drawings

  1. When we usually see a number of households using electricity, most of them are sent from inside a distribution cabinet. The simple wiring diagram is like this. Low-voltage distribution cabinet system diagram


2. The circuit diagram of the distribution board is divided into a schematic diagram and a secondary schematic diagram: the primary schematic diagram is the main circuit schematic diagram, and the secondary schematic diagram is the schematic diagram of the control circuit. 

Intelligent distribution cabinet drawings

Intelligent distribution cabinet drawings

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