Comprehensive interpretation of the power distribution cabinet model part2

- Jun 07, 2018 -

Distribution cabinet identification

GCK, GCS, MNS are low voltage draw-out switch cabinets;

GGD, GDH, PGL are low voltage fixed switch cabinets;

XZW integrated distribution box; ZBW box substation;

XL, GXL low-voltage distribution cabinets, construction site boxes;

JXF electrical control box;

PZ20, PZ30 series terminal lighting distribution box;

PZ40, XDD(R) Meter Metering Box

PXT(R)K-□/□-□/□-□/□-□/IP□ Series Specifications Explanation:

(1) PXT assembly electric box, concealed plus (R)

(2)K has a series of wiring as shown in Table 1.

(3) □ / □ rated current / rated short-time withstand current capability: represented by a number, 250/10 indicates: rated current 250A / rated short-term withstand current capability 10kA, according to customer requirements can be reduced.

(4) □/□ Incoming line type: □/1 single-phase input; □/3 three-phase input; 1/3 represents mixed input

(5) □ × □ outlet loop: single-phase loop × three-phase loop, 6 × 3 single-phase 6 loop, three-phase 3 loop

(6)□/□ main switch type/protection level; 1/IP30 single-phase main switch/IP30; 3/IP30 three-phase main switch/IP30

Electrical cabinet name number Specification

High-voltage switchgear AH

High-pressure measuring cabinet AM

High-voltage power distribution cabinet AA

High voltage capacitor cabinet AJ

Low-voltage power distribution cabinets AP

Low-voltage lighting distribution cabinet AL

Emergency power distribution cabinet APE

Emergency lighting distribution cabinet ALE

Low-voltage switch cabinet AF

Low-voltage capacitance compensation cabinet ACC or ACP

DC Distribution Cabinet AD

Operation signal cabinet AS

Control panel cabinet AC

Relay Protection Cabinet AR

Metering cabinet AW

Excitation cabinet AE

Low-voltage leakage circuit breaker cabinet ARC

Dual power automatic switch cabinet AT

A variety of power distribution cabinets AM

Knife Switch Cabinet AK

Power outlet box AX

Building automation controller box ABC

Fire Alarm Controller Box AFC

Equipment Monitor Box ABC

Resident distribution box ADD

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