Development status of dry type transformer

- Jul 27, 2017 -

In recent years, with the continuous deepening of the power grids, the transformer as the main equipments in electric power system is rapidly developed, transformer manufacturers such as the birth of the current total capacity of like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the domestic transformer industry has greatly exceeded the market demand, the transformer serious excess capacity, market competition intensified, a large number of small scale transformer the manufacturers are facing starvation.

According to the present situation, in the next few years, enterprises with poor quality, high energy consumption or no orders will be eliminated due to the increasing market demands. Transformer products will continue to explore and innovate, to achieve world-class standards, especially in the future dry-type transformer is expected to be further developed.

With the continuous improvement of urban network, dry-type transformers with high reliability and energy saving, environmental protection and low noise characteristics have become the leading products, and have been widely used in different cities. The substation in the city is personalized design, transformer structure and shape, and even cooling mode and type change greatly, the specific requirements are manifested in the following aspects:

1, combination type. Small footprint, small physical examination, low cost.

2, modular. Standard modular make-up, high versatility, easy maintenance, fast delivery.

3, intelligent. Can achieve reactive power regulation, remote monitoring, easy to operate.

4, artistic. In harmony with the environment.

5, mobility. Light weight, flexible, shift installation, easy to operate, wide range of applications.

6, enough explosion proof ability.

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