Distribution cabinet material specification

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Distribution boards (boxes) sub-power distribution boards (boxes) and lighting distribution boards (boxes), metering boxes, the distribution system is the last stage equipment. Power Distribution Cabinet is the general term of the motor control center. Distribution cabinet used in the load more dispersed, less occasions; motor control center for load concentration, the loop more occasions. They distribute the electrical energy of a circuit of the upper level distribution equipment to the nearest load. This level of equipment should provide protection, monitoring and control of loads.

Power Distribution Cabinet Material:

The traditional distribution cabinet materials are metal products, China's distribution box is basically made of iron or other metal materials. In addition, according to Nanjing Aobu years of experience in the production of power distribution cabinet point of view, the power distribution cabinet materials are gradually changing,

Material usage specification:

Iron distribution cabinet: the cabinet should have a certain mechanical strength, the surrounding flat without damage, no paint off, the thickness of the second floor is not less than 1.5mm, but not flame-retardant plastic plate to do the second floor, the box of various appliances Should be installed firmly, the wires arranged neatly, crimping firmly, and product certification.

Plastic Distribution Cabinet: Cabinet should have a certain degree of mechanical strength. Peripheral flat without damage, plastic floor thickness of the second floor should not be less than 8mm, and product certification.

Wooden Distribution Cabinet: Brush should be anti-corrosion, fire retardant coating, wooden plate surface thickness should not be less than 20mm.

Galvanized materials are angle steel, flat iron, sheet metal, machine screws, wood screws, bolts, washers, round nails and so on.

Insulated wire: wire model specifications must be Ordinance design requirements, and product certification.

Other materials: electrical instrumentation, fuse (or fuse), terminal board, insulated mouth, aluminum casing, card box, brick firing nail, plastic tape, vinyl tape, rust paint, gray paint, solder, flux, welding Article (or calcium carbide, oxygen), cement, sand.

The main equipment: pencil, tape measure, square feet, the level of ruler, steel ruler, wire, bucket, brush, ash shovel and so on.

Hammer, razor, hacksaw, saw blade, wood file, flat file, round file, wire stripper, crimping pliers, live wrench, tin pot, tin spoon and so on.

Taiwan drill, hand drill, wood drill, vise, case, nail gun, electric furnace, electric welding tools, insulated gloves, iron scissors, punching point, megohmmeter, tool bag, toolbox, bar stool and so on.

Operating conditions:

With the civil construction structure is well installed dark installation of the installation location of the electrical box.

Embedded iron frame or bolt, the wall structure should pop-up construction level.

When installing distribution box, plastering, shotcrete and paint should all be completed.

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