Effect of frequency conversion speed regulation on energy saving of water pump

- Oct 18, 2017 -

Effect of frequency conversion speed regulation on energy saving of water pump

(1) save a lot of electric energy, the actual application of power saving rate is generally in 15%~55%

(2) reduce the current shock at the start of the motor

The maximum starting current is 6~7 times of the rated current when the motor is started directly. Observing the load curve of the inverter, it can be found that there is no shock when it starts up. The current starts from zero and increases only with the increase of the speed

How can the pipe not exceed the rated current?. Therefore, the pump frequency conversion operation prolongs the service life of the motor and switch: avoids the impact of starting current, starting torque on the motor, and prolongs the service life of the motor.

(3) reduce equipment wear

Change the motor speed after the general work around 30~40Hz, the motor speed is relatively low, reducing the wear of the pump blade and bearing wear, prolong the service life of the pump, reduce the maintenance cost.

(4) noise reduction

The water pump uses the frequency converter, reduce the pump speed at the same time, the noise is greatly reduced, according to the actual test data of a factory, when the speed is reduced by 60% when testing 88dB near 1.5m noise level than the frequency when running pump.

105dB reduces 17dB. At the same time, the defects of the poor linearity of the adjusting door, poor quality of adjustment, pipe hammering and resonance caused by the strong vibration of the water supply pipeline in the water system are overcome, and the operation condition of the water pump is obviously improved.

(5) the automatic control of the unit can be realized

Before the unit load changes, only by adjusting valve to adjust, more difficult to control. Variable frequency speed regulating device with computer interface, can be easily connected with the DCS system, it is easy to realize automatic control unit. And frequency conversion

Speed regulation can be adjusted directly by increasing or decreasing frequency, and the operation is very simple and flexible.

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