Electrical control cabinet factory and manufacturer

- Dec 27, 2017 -

Electrical control cabinet factory and manufacturer

What is the electrical control cabinet ?

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As the name suggests, electrical control cabinet is the electrical cabinet as the role of electrical control. Electrical control cabinet with traditional relays and PLC control. Simpler control with relays to control the complex control of the general use of PLC control, that is, programmable logic control.

Non-standard electrical control cabinet according to different needs, using different controls. According to different control, control the number of devices, the size of different electrical components selected into a cabinet. The simplest is to control the electric control cabinet of a motor, a circuit breaker, a contactor, a thermal protection element, a start button, a stop button and two indicator lights.

Electrical control cabinet manufacturers

Nanjing Aobo Electric Co., Ltd. to undertake various types of electrical control cabinet production, automation systems, electrical equipment transformation, PLC systems engineering automation projects, the company has a number of first-class engineering and technical personnel and services to improve the understanding of the service personnel to undertake machinery, metallurgy, Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of electric control systems for water, plastics, chemical fiber, textile, paper making, printing, packaging and building material industries, and provide best-in-class electrical systems and solutions to customers in various industries to provide best-in-class The most perfect service. We have excellent quality, perfect service, dedicated to all customers with quality products and services.

Business Scope

Sewage treatment plant electrical control

Electrical control cabinet design and installation

Automatic line design, manufacture, commissioning, modification and maintenance

Non-standard control cabinet design and manufacturing

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