Electrical industry depends on inspection,smell, ask and touch

- Nov 13, 2017 -

We all know that the four diagnostic methods of Chinese medicine to see a doctor, that is: inspection, smell, ask and touch

In fact, the detection of electrical equipment is the same, the electrical industry dedicated inspection , smell, ask and touch


Look at the smoke

Electrical equipment in operation smoke smoke white, yellow and black. Taking white smoke is damp electrical equipment generated after the steam, in fact, it is not smoke, once the drying in addition to moisture treatment, generally no problem.

If the electrical equipment in operation is yellow smoke, it can be concluded that the electrical equipment is overheated because the electrical equipment is overcurrent due to a mechanical fault or power supply problem. Large current will bake the material such as bamboo, wood, tape, insulation paper and paint Baked to 150 degrees Celsius, electrical equipment, fast carbonization of insulating substances, it will smoke yellow smoke.

If you take a black smoke, the possibility of damage to electrical equipment is great, means that electrical equipment insulation is burned.

Look at the arc

Electrical equipment due to short circuit arc, if the arc is red, indicating that the melting of copper, copper equipment that has been damaged.

The arc is dazzling white, is the arc from the steel parts; the arc rolled out of the strand of white silk floc, that is galvanized zinc in the arc in the vaporization.

Various types of metal after a different high temperature, its color has become different. Copper in the air to withstand the temperature of 100 degrees Celsius becomes black; iron heated to about 300 degrees Celsius into purple, heated to 600 degrees Celsius into red, 1000 degrees Celsius became white, and aluminum will crack after 658 degrees Celsius.

Look at the coil

If the coil has a one-turn color change, we must consider whether there is moisture around it, corrosive substances exist. If the cable, wire connector wrap the insulation discoloration or cracking, loss, it must be caused by poor contact with the conductor heat.

Look at the temperature

During the peak season, in order to comprehensively and accurately grasp the operation level of distribution network equipment, it is required to supply the maize infrared thermometer, to carry out the load measurement work on different levels of lines, and to effectively collect and analyze the data during the high temperature and high load periods .

Temperature measurement process, the staff also on the line connecting contacts, transformer drainage lines, switches and cable head of the main fever site to carry out general survey, and important users and electricity acquisition system to monitor the heavy and overloaded equipment differential inspection , Timely detection of defects in equipment and facilities such as local fever.


Use of human sense of smell, according to the smell of electrical equipment can also determine the fault. Such as overheating, short circuit, breakdown breakdown, you may smell burning smell, fire smoke smell and plastic, rubber, paint, lubricating oil and other volatile heat smell.


When the power equipment fails, the maintenance staff and doctors see a doctor, we must first understand the detailed "condition." That is, to the equipment operator or user to understand the use of equipment, equipment, medical records and failure occurred in the whole process. If the fault occurs during or after the relevant operation, you should also ask what is going on at that time, the method, and the procedure. In general, understanding the situation as detailed and as real as possible is often the key to quickly identifying the cause and location of the problem.


Contact with the shell of electrical equipment can also "touch" a hidden danger.

When the palm rests on the electrical equipment for a while, it feels hot and uncomfortable, and the surface temperature of the electrical equipment has reached about 50 degrees Celsius. The internal temperature of electrical equipment to be higher than the surface temperature of 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, once the electrical equipment overheating, it will speed up the insulation aging, shortening its life expectancy.

When the insulation on the electrical equipment folded into a 90-degree angle after the rupture, then the electrical equipment has been exposed to high temperatures, the insulation may have aged. When the cable or wire insulation core folded into 90 degrees, repeated two or three times, the line will be brittle crack, indicating long-term withstand high temperature cables or wires, the dielectric strength has become very low.

Note: When you find the power equipment failure, professionals should be asked immediately, do not blindly handle by yourself.

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