Four steps to solve the drive overheating, get rid of your inverter overheating problems

- Nov 07, 2017 -

Summer is the frequency inverter skipping the high incidence of thermal protection! Mainly poor cooling (dust and more fan failure, duct blockage) lead to equipment downtime and delay production. It is therefore recommended that the inverter be simple maintenance, blowing dust, repair fans, Shufeng Road, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment!

If the inverter really overheating failure, do not need to be nervous, Xiaobian explain to you how to deal with the inverter in operation overheating.

First of all, you need to know that the inverter itself detects the internal temperature of the sensor through the sensor. This is the same principle as our notebook thermal protection. When the actual temperature is higher than the set value, an alarm signal will be issued to remind the user - "Too hot You can not stand fast ", at the same time inverter panel will display the corresponding overheating OH fault code.

The process is very simple!

The first step: to confirm whether the cooling fan has been strike; run-time fan should be rotating.

The second step: to confirm the cooling air duct is blocked, especially the inlet and outlet to focus on inspection, can not plug.

The third step: to confirm the ambient temperature, the general ambient temperature below 40 degrees Celsius for the normal range.

The fourth step: Of course, the above three steps have been done or found no problem, but the work is still overheating failure, then you still let the professional technical support engineers to help you to solve it.


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