How does the soft starter solve the water hammer effect?

- Jul 27, 2017 -

Soft starter in recent years has been widely used in high-power pumps, high-rise building fire pumps, spray pumps, deep well submersible pumps and other industries, these pump head larger, especially high-rise building liquid piping system by external force suddenly accelerated or suddenly Deceleration, or change the flow will cause water hammer, water hammer great harm, ranging from the pipeline system vibration, noise, the pump base, well plate, water pipes and pump impeller damage.

Water hammer is in the sudden power failure or when the valve is closed too fast, due to the inertia of the pressure water flow, resulting in water shock wave, like a hammer beat the same, so called water hammer. The flow of shock waves back and forth the force generated, sometimes large, thus destroying the valves and pumps.

Electric pump full voltage start, in less than 1s time, you can accelerate from the static state to the rated speed, the pipeline flow from zero to increase the rated flow. As the fluid has momentum and a certain degree of compressibility, so the rapid changes in flow will lead to pressure in the pipeline is too high or too low impact, and the emergence of "cavitation" phenomenon. The impact of pressure will make the wall force and produce noise, like a hammer hit the tube in general, known as the "water hammer effect."

The water hammer effect is only related to the inertia of the water itself, and the pump does not matter.

The general performance of the soft starter can not completely eliminate the phenomenon of water hammer, but the basic can better reduce the water hammer hazard, in order to completely eliminate the water hammer hazards need special pump parking soft starter.

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