How much is the PLC control cabinet price generally ?

- Dec 27, 2017 -

PLC (Programmable logic controller), the full name of "programmable logic controller." PLC control cabinet refers to the complete set of PLC as the core control unit, enabling fans, pumps, electric valves and other field devices control the electronic cabinet. PLC control cabinet can be single-cabinet form, it can also be more cabinet through communication combination to achieve the form of control.

PLC control cabinet with a high degree of automation, stable performance, scalability, easy to upgrade, etc., it is the majority of system integrators and users of all ages. PLC has a wide range of applications, such as environmental protection, water conservancy, metallurgy, chemical industry, printing, production line control and other fields have applications, especially for the sewage treatment industry, pumping station control systems and fire safety control systems and so on. This is mainly determined by the working conditions of the interviewed industries. Nanjing Aobo Electric Co., Ltd. in such industry automation and control devoted a lot of effort, the requirements of their processes, operating conditions also have rich experience in the design of PLC control cabinet drawings, product selection, production process, installation Debugging and other aspects of similar industries have outstanding advantages.

PLC features

PLC control cabinet to complete the equipment automation and process automation control, to achieve the perfect network functionality, stable performance, scalability, strong anti-interference characteristics, is the core of modern work and soul. According to user needs tailored PLC control cabinet, frequency counter, etc., to meet user requirements, and with the man-machine interface touch screen, to achieve the purpose of easy operation. Equipment and more with the DCS bus PC, modbus, profibus and other communication protocols data transmission; IPC and Ethernet control and monitoring.

Application range

Typical applications: constant pressure water supply, air compressor, fan pump, central air conditioning, port machinery, machine tools, boilers, paper machinery, food machinery.

PLC control cabinet price

PLC control cabinet prices are mainly based on the user selected PLC and the main components to the user selection and selection of brands, such as Nanjing Aobo Electric Co. PLC brands have Siemens series PLC control cabinet, Schneider PLC series control cabinet, ABB series PLC control cabinet, other Chinese brand PLC and imported PLC price difference is bigger.

General Division I and technical staff will be based on user control requirements to provide users with programs to choose the most appropriate brand components offer, but also according to the user's request by the specified brand price. Specific requirements, please contact us.

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