How is the inverter used to save power?

- Oct 11, 2017 -

As an electronic circuit, the inverter itself also consumes electricity (about 3-5% of rated power). A 1.5 of the air-conditioning their own electricity consumption down 20-30W, the equivalent of a long light. Inverter running under the power frequency, with power-saving features, is the fact.

But the prerequisite is

First, high power and load for fan / pump

Second, the device itself has a power saving function (software support)

Third, long-term continuous operation

The above is the embodiment of energy-saving effect of the three conditions. If you do not prerequisite to say that the frequency converter running energy-saving, is exaggerated or commercial speculation. Know the whole story, you will be clever use of it for your service. Must pay attention to the use of occasions and the use of conditions to properly use, otherwise it is blind obedience.

Power factor compensation for energy saving

Reactive power not only increase the line loss and equipment heat, more important is the power factor to reduce the power grid to reduce the power, a large number of reactive energy consumption in the line, the use of equipment inefficient and wasteful.

After using the frequency control device, due to the role of the filter capacitor inside the inverter, thereby reducing reactive power loss, increase the active power of the grid.

Soft start energy saving

Motor hard start on the power grid caused a serious impact, but also on the grid capacity requirements are too high, the start of the high current and vibration on the baffle and the valve damage greatly on the equipment, pipeline life is extremely unfavorable.

The use of frequency conversion device, the use of the inverter soft start function will start the current from zero, the maximum does not exceed the rated current, can reduce the impact on the power grid and the power supply requirements, to extend the life of equipment and valves , Save equipment maintenance costs.

In theory, the frequency converter can be used in all mechanical equipment with electric motors. When the motor starts, the current will be 5-6 times higher than the rated, not only will affect the motor life, and consume more power. The system in the design of the motor selection will leave a certain margin, the motor speed is fixed, but in the actual use of the process, sometimes to lower or higher speed operation, so the frequency conversion is very Necessary.

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