How to choose the right vfd inverter?

- Jul 18, 2018 -

The choice of vfd inverter is a skill, and finding the right electrical product is not easy. If improperly selected, it may cause explosion damage of vfd inverter, which seriously affects the normal production of the factory. The quality of the products sold by the electrician is good, so it is very important to select the inverter scientifically and reasonably. The converter modeling principles referenced by the end user are listed below.

1. Do you know the selection of vfd inverter?

It is best determined by the manufacturer's technical engineer according to the actual situation on site, not only accurate, but also conducive to future commissioning, installation and after-sales service.

2, the functional requirements of the load device

According to the actual work needs (starting torque and response speed, speed control accuracy, etc.), consider selecting a general-purpose vfd inverter , a vector vfd inverter or a dedicated vfd inverter, and select a G-type machine (overload) or a P-type machine (light load).

3, AC motor operating current

The power of vfd inverter should be determined by the actual operating current of the motor. Generally speaking, for the load of the fan and the pump, the rated current of the motor can also be used as the basis for selecting the vfd inverter. When the motor is overloaded, the selection of the vfd inverter usually needs Increase a file.

4. When there is metal conductive dust on site, or when the working environment temperature is too high, the vfd inverter should be carefully selected. At this point, a special space is required to place the vfd inverter, and the fan cooling function is a close friend. It is decided to replace the vfd inverter in this way to select whether it is an on-hook, a cabinet or a power frequency conversion integrated machine.

There are so many requirements for the selection of the vfd inverter, the speed of the vfd inverter requires speed, the accuracy, the working communication of the motor, the heat dissipation of the vfd inverter, the installation service, the debugging, etc., what are you waiting for, if you want to find electricity, come to Nanjing Aubo Electric Co., Ltd.! 

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