How to look at the development of domestic frequency converter

- Jul 27, 2017 -

Domestic manufacturing automation in the continuous advance, domestic soft starter in some technology is still lagging behind the imported products, domestic enterprises or need to find another development point.

Domestic market development point

Inverter industry as the market is very attractive, the potential capacity is very impressive, continue to attract new players to enter the industry, and the existing market has formed a certain scale, the development of mature, the future of resources plunder, the market war will be inevitable. With the technical progress, product quality stability gradually increased, coupled with the advantages of services and prices, the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers will be more powerful.

Policy direction development point

Twelfth Five-Year Plan to propose to upgrade the manufacturing industry, including the development of advanced equipment to promote the manufacturing industry from big to strong to guide the future direction of development. Frequency conversion technology because of its excellent performance in the industrial speed control and precision control to be further promoted. Especially in the manufacturing industry, a wide range of low-voltage inverter technology, the future development and automation and equipment upgrades are closely related.

Demand direction

From the demand side, the inverter is also gradually to diversification, general-purpose, special-purpose products appear, are to meet the diverse needs of users. In addition, inverter manufacturers are also more concerned about product quality and the use of security, and actively seek greater breakthroughs, making the inverter in a harsh environment can work well and ensure the use of safety and the normal production of the user.

Now the energy needs of various enterprises is relatively high, frequency conversion technology is also in the transition from the speed to the process of energy conservation. With the technology continues to mature, the development of domestic soft starter will be getting better and better.

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