How to match the appropriate distribution cabinet?

- Apr 18, 2018 -

How to match the appropriate distribution cabinet?

From the perspective of cost and standardization, we must follow the basic principles of reliability, simplicity, and practicality. In addition, it should be noted:

1) The technical parameters of the selected equipment must meet the reliability and protection level requirements of the equipment operation;

2) The selected equipment must meet the economic and practical requirements of the actual use process;

3) The device operation process should be simple and the protection should be safe;

4) The selected equipment should be matched with other existing equipment.

The specific selection method: First of all, to combine the performance indicators of existing high-voltage power distribution cabinets and the actual project funds, installation conditions and other factors, the distribution reliability analysis and evaluation, reliability analysis mainly around a variety of conditions Whether the pulling out of parts and trolleys in the distribution cabinet is reasonable, whether the operation and replacement are simple and easy, whether the power is off and on, whether the maintenance is safe and reliable, and whether the post-maintenance is convenient, etc.; second, the specific installation The environmental and spatial locations are identified, and a comprehensive selection of space, economy, and after-sales protection is selected. Finally, from the perspective of post-maintenance, operational failure rates, and efficiency, equipment with a simplified integrated smart protector type should be actively used. Phase out the control and protector type with high abnormal operating rate based on complex relays.

For enterprises with high power supply monitoring and protection requirements, such as secondary substations and power plants, when selecting high-voltage power distribution cabinets, emphasis shall be placed on the convenience of operation and the compatibility with other protection devices; When the operation and installation space are limited, the equipment should be considered with low failure rate and compactness. 

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