How to select inverter? What is Inverter selection precautions?

- Oct 12, 2017 -

  Inverter selection is mainly driven by the load characteristics and the actual motor current to set, in addition, there are the following note:

  1, the environment

  For some high temperature (higher than 50 degrees), high altitude (more than 1000 meters) of the application, the inverter selection should be appropriate to leave a margin to ensure that the inverter and motor life.

  2, distance

  The distance between the place where the inverter is installed and the drive motor is more than 50 meters. When the inverter is selected, the reactor should be used to reduce the carrier frequency.

  3, a drag more

  When a drive is dragged by more than one motor, if the cable with the middle connection is too long, it will be used when the general inverter is selected, and the fuse should be installed after each motor.

  4, high-speed motor

  High-speed motor running process will produce a large number of harmonics, enhance the output current of the inverter, resulting in a lot of heat. Therefore, the inverter selection is also larger than the ordinary one gear.

  5, explosion-proof motor

  In some mines, oil extraction environment, the inverter system is explosion-proof motor, the choice of inverter should use the explosion-proof function of the inverter, and the inverter placed in a safer place.

  6, protection class

  For dusty, humid applications, the inverter selection should pay attention to its protection level. Or choose Ampang letter AMB inverter, the fan can also run in the water.

  7, single-phase motor

  When the use of single-phase motor, the inverter useless.

  8, variable pole motor

  When using the variable pole motor, the inverter selection should ensure that the maximum operating current should not exceed the rated current of the inverter, and the inverter should be prevented from being damaged when the number of poles is converted.

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