Inverter control method

- Nov 23, 2017 -

The inverter main circuit is divided into two types of voltage type and current type, the control mode is also divided into two kinds of voltage control and current control. These two methods, whether the main circuit voltage or current type can be applied.

Universal frequency converter using voltage control, in proportion with the output frequency control output voltage. For occasions that need quick response, you must control the output current, then you can use the power control mode.

1. Voltage control

Universal inverter for voltage-type voltage control. IGBT inverter and GTO inverter, is the part of the inverter control output voltage and frequency. The size of the output voltage, you can use the conductivity of the semiconductor switch to adjust the output voltage is sinusoidal control.

2. Current control

For applications requiring fast response to DC motors, current control is available for fast control of the torque of asynchronous motors.

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