Inverter installation and design of basic requirements

- Dec 20, 2017 -

The frequency inverter should be installed inside the control cabinet.

(2) It is best to install the inverter in the middle of the control cabinet. The inverter should be installed vertically. Just above and below should avoid installing large components that may block the exhaust air and air intake.

(3) The minimum distance between the upper and lower edges of the inverter from the top, bottom, or partition of the control cabinet or large components that must be installed should be more than 300mm.

Cabinet installation of the basic requirements of the inverter

(4) If the special user needs to remove the keyboard during use, the keypad hole on the inverter panel must be tightly sealed with tape or replaced with a dummy panel to prevent dust from entering the inverter.

(5) The frequency converter should be regularly maintained, timely clean up the internal dust and so on.

(6) Other basic installation and usage requirements must follow the instructions in the user manual; if you have any questions, please contact the technical support personnel of the corresponding factory in time.

This failure may also occur when multiple motors are applying the same load, mainly due to no load sharing. For example, when two motors drag a load, when the actual speed of one motor is greater than the synchronous speed of the other motor, the motor with the higher speed corresponds to the prime mover, and the generator with the lower speed is in a generating state, causing the fault. In the paper machine often occurs in the press department and the Ministry of network, the processing load control should be added. It is possible to adjust the inverter characteristics that are at the branch of the speed chain of the paper machine to be softer.

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