Low voltage vfd feature

- Dec 24, 2018 -

Low voltage vfd feature:


  1. Maximum frequency:

    Vector control: 0–300 Hz

    V/F control: 0–320 Hz

2.Carrier frequency :

    0.5–16 kHz

    The carrier frequency is automatically adjusted based on the load features.

3.Input frequency resolution:

    Digital setting: 0.01 Hz

    Analog setting: maximum frequency x 0.025%

4. Control mode:

    Sensorless flux vector control (SFVC)

    Closed-loop vector control (CLVC)

    Voltage/Frequency (V/F) control

5. Startup torque :

    G type: 0.5 Hz/150% (SFVC); 0 Hz/180% (CLVC)

    P type: 0.5 Hz/100%

6. Speed range:1:100 (SFVC)   1:1000 (CLVC)

7. Speed stability accuracy:± 0.5% (SFVC) ± 0.02% (CLVC)

8. Torque control accuracy:± 5% (CLVC)

9. Overload capacity:  

    G type:  60s for 150% of the rated current, 3s for 180% of the rated current

    P type:   60s for 120% of the rated current,3s for 150% of the rated current

10.Torque boost: 

    Fixed boost

    Customized boost 0.1%–30.0%

11.V/F curve:

     Straight-line V/F curve

     Multi-point V/F curve

     N-power V/F curve (1.2-power, 1.4-power, 1.6-power,1.8-power, square)

12. V/F separation,Two types: complete separation; half separation

13. Ramp mode : 

     Straight-line ramp

     S-curve ramp

     Four groups of acceleration/deceleration time with the range of 0.0–6500.0s

14. DC braking :  

     DC braking frequency: 0.00 Hz to maximum frequency

     Braking time: 0.0–36.0s

     Braking action current value: 0.0%–100.0%

15. JOG control : 

     JOG frequency range: 0.00–50.00 Hz

     JOG acceleration/deceleration time: 0.0–6500.0s

16. Onboard multiple preset speeds: 

     It implements up to 16 speeds via the simple PLC function or combination of DI terminal states.

17. Onboard PID:  It realizes process-controlled closed loop control system easily.

18. Auto voltage regulation (AVR): 

     It can keep constant output voltage automatically when the mains voltage changes.

19. Overvoltage/ Overcurrent stall control: 

     The current and voltage are limited automatically during the running process so as to

avoid frequent tripping due to overvoltage/overcurrent

20. Rapid Current Limit Function: 

    maximum lower overcurrent fault, protect VFD run normally

21. Torque limit and control:

    It can limit the torque automatically and prevent frequent over current tripping during the running process. Torque control can be implemented in the CLVC mode

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