Maintenance and Troubleshooting for Variable Frequency Drive

- Aug 07, 2018 -

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

1. Routine Repair and Maintenance

1.1 Routine Maintenance

The influence of the ambient temperature, humidity, dust and vibration will cause the aging

of the devices in the variable frequency drive, which may cause potential faults or reduce the service life of the variable frequency drive. 

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out routine and periodic maintenance.

Routine maintenance involves checking:

• Whether the motor sounds abnormally during running

• Whether the motor vibrates excessively during running

• Whether the installation environment of the variable frequency drive changes.

• Whether the variable frequency drive's cooling fan works normally

• Whether the variable frequency drive overheats

Routine cleaning involves:

• Keep the variable frequency drive clean all the time.

• Remove the dust, especially metal powder on the surface of the variable frequency drive, to prevent

the dust from entering the variable frequency drive.

• Clear the oil stain on the cooling fan of the variable frequency drive.

1.2 Periodic Inspection

Perform periodic inspection in places where inspection is difficult.

Periodic inspection involves:

Check and clean the air duct periodically.

Check whether the screws become loose.

Check whether the variable frequency drive is corroded.

Check whether the wiring terminals show signs of arcing;

Main circuit insulation test

1.3 Prompt

Before measuring the insulating resistance with megameter (500 VDC

megameter recommended), disconnect the main circuit from the variable frequency drive.

Do not use the insulating resistance meter to test the insulation of the

control circuit. The high voltage test need not be performed again because

it has been completed before delivery.

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