Medium voltage inverter maintenance

- Nov 23, 2017 -

In the medium voltage frequency changer breakdown processing, can quickly determine the equipment actual position which breaks down, and takes the effective measure to carry on the processing, is the key that enhances the equipment operation efficiency. This puts forward higher requirements on the technical personnel of frequency converter troubleshooting. Therefore, the relevant enterprises should strengthen the training of technical personnel so that they can master the basic performance of the frequency converter and the problems that need attention in the troubleshooting so as to strengthen the routine maintenance and maintenance jobs. In addition, it is necessary to create a good environment for the operation of the inverter, to avoid running it in a place with high dust content, and to better ensure the stability and safety of the operation of the inverter. The following details of medium voltage inverter maintenance should pay attention to the problem:

1. Enhance the operation stability of the inverter by standardizing maintenance procedures

In order to enhance the operation stability of the inverter, a maintenance manual can be drawn up and the inspection measures to be implemented in the maintenance manual are specified. For example, the frequency inverter which is stopped should be cleaned and the interval for cleaning the inverter should not be too long. In addition, before starting the inverter, test the fan of the inverter and the pre-charge circuit, and test the IGBT module of the inverter before starting the inverter. Considering that the inverter is a wellhead equipment, a reasonable reserve of spare parts is needed to prevent the equipment from being damaged in the event of a failure due to lack of spare parts.

2. To strengthen the training of maintenance personnel and education

Medium-voltage inverter technology is relatively high, especially in the inverter IGBT components and related control circuit board is more sensitive to static electricity, in the operation and maintenance process, if there is no effective anti-static measures to deal with static electricity, The IGBT components and the control circuit board will be damaged. In addition, due to the high voltage in the DC bus in the inverter, the human body will be seriously injured. Therefore, relevant maintenance personnel should be trained to master the maintenance requirements of the inverter and The items that need attention in the concrete maintenance are to improve the technical level of the maintenance personnel so as to prevent the maintenance personnel from causing secondary damage to the equipment in the equipment maintenance.

3. Dust handling inverter

Medium-voltage inverter humidity, dust and temperature requirements are relatively high, according to the actual operation of the inverter, do the drive dust handling. In places with high dust content, water-cooled inverters are recommended. Insulation clearance of the inverter allows a small amount of dry dust, but the occurrence of conductive dust must be avoided. Dust in the high humidity air will produce dust, dust must be handled on the inverter. In particular, it is necessary to keep the surface of the semiconductor device clean while the fabric laminate of the insulating posts and the low inductance busbar assembly is to be kept dry and clean. In the process of inverter maintenance, you can choose a clean, dry cloth to wipe the cabinet surface, wipe the cloth used should be selected hairball material, in the wiping process, by constantly changing the cloth surface, to ensure the complete removal of dust. If there is too much dirt fouling, you can add a small amount of alcohol on the cloth, you can use brushes and vacuum cleaners, for some inaccessible places, you can use compressed air. In the dust treatment, by checking the filter fouling situation, if you find dirt clogging airflow, you can choose to replace the filter sheet for processing.

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