Soft start cabinet to achieve protection

- Jul 27, 2017 -

Soft start cabinet is the soft starter function further combination, you can achieve a lot of composite functions, then the soft start cabinet to achieve those protection function? Here will give you a simple introduction.

Overload protection: soft starter introduced the current control loop, which at any time to track the detection of motor current changes. By increasing the overload current setting and inverse time control mode, to achieve the overload protection function, so that the motor overload, turn off the thyristor and send an alarm signal.

Phase protection function: work, the soft starter at any time to detect changes in the three-phase line current, in the event of drying, you can make a phase protection reaction.

Overheat protection function: through the soft starter internal thermal relay to detect the temperature of the thyristor radiator, once the radiator temperature exceeds the allowable value automatically turn off the thyristor, and issued an alarm signal. Other functions: through the combination of electronic circuits, but also in the system to achieve all kinds of interlock protection.

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