The Function of KYN28-12

- Jan 29, 2019 -

There are many types of KYN28-12 on the market, various functions and uses. So, how should we confirm which KYN28-12 we need?

KYN28-12 is classified by function:

1. Equivalent to the power distribution cabinet
2. Motor start
3. Metering cabinet (with meter inside for measuring electricity)
4. Substation control power and lighting
5. Connection cabinet for busbars or copper bars
6. CT cabinet for bus current, voltage detection and protection against electricity.

After confirmed the function, also should know.

1. What's the current of VCB ( breaker current) you need ?
2. Is there any special requirement about the cabinet size ?

    The standard size of the cabinet is 800*1500*2200mm.

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