The inverter can be used in 32 fields.How many fields do you know?

- Oct 12, 2017 -

The inverter can be used in 32 fields, you know a few?

1, air conditioning load class

Office buildings, shopping malls and some supermarkets, the factory has a central air conditioning, electricity peak in the summer, air conditioning power consumption is very large. In hot weather, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen air conditioning power consumption accounted for more than 40% of peak power. Therefore, with the frequency conversion device, drag the air conditioning system, refrigeration pump, cold water pump, fan is a very good energy-saving technology. At present, there are many companies specializing in air-conditioning energy-saving companies, including the main technology is frequency control power saving.

2, crusher class load

Metallurgical mining, building materials application of a lot of crusher, ball mill, the load after the effect of significant conversion.

3, large furnace calciner furnace load

Metallurgy, building materials, caustic soda and other large industrial rotary kiln (converter) before most of the use of DC, commutator motor, slip motor, cascade speed or IF unit speed. As these speed mode or slip ring or low efficiency, in recent years, many units using frequency control, the effect is excellent.

4, the compressor class load

Compressors also belong to the application of a wide range of loads. Low-pressure compressors are widely used in various industrial sectors, high-pressure high-capacity compressors in steel (such as oxygen), mines, fertilizers, ethylene have more applications. Using frequency control, are brought to start a small current, energy saving, optimizing equipment life and so on.

5, rolling mill class load

In the metallurgical industry, in the past, large-scale rolling mill multi-use AC-AC frequency converter, in recent years, AC-DC-AC converter, rolling mill exchange is a trend, especially in light-load rolling mill, such as Ningxia National Aluminum Plant multi-rack Aluminum rolling unit uses a general-purpose inverter to meet the low-frequency load start, inter-rack synchronous operation, constant tension control, simple and reliable operation.

6, hoist class load

Hoist class load using frequency control, stable and reliable. Iron mill blast furnace hoisting equipment is the main iron ore raw material conveying equipment. It requires Kai, brake smooth, acceleration and deceleration evenly, high reliability. The original use of cascade, DC or rotor string resistance speed mode, low efficiency, poor reliability. With AC inverter instead of the speed control mode, you can achieve the desired results.

7, converter load

Converter type load, with AC variable frequency replacement DC unit is simple and reliable, stable operation.

8, roller class load

Roller type load, and more in the iron and steel metallurgy industry, the use of AC motor frequency control, can improve equipment reliability and stability.

9, pump load

Pump load, the amount of a wide range, including pumps, pumps, chemical pumps, mud pumps, sand pumps, low pressure small and medium capacity pumps, but also high-pressure large capacity pump.

Many water companies in the pump, chemical and fertilizer industry chemical pumps, reciprocating pumps, non-ferrous metals and other industries, such as mud pumps using frequency control, have a very good effect.

10, crane, dump truck load

Crane, dump truck and other load torque and requires a smooth, positive and negative frequent and reliable. Variable frequency devices control cranes, dump trucks to meet these requirements.

11, drawing machine class load

Production of wire drawing machine, requiring high-speed, continuous production. Wire strength of 200Kg / mm2, speed control system requires high precision, high stability and requires synchronization.

12, transport vehicle load

Coal mine coal truck or steel mills, such as the use of frequency conversion technology is very good. Starting and stopping fast, overload capacity, positive and negative flexibility, to achieve coal surface formation, the right weight (not loaded or less installed), basically do not need manual operation, improve the efficiency of coal production, saving energy.

13, elevator elevated tour vehicle load

As the elevator is a manned tool, it is necessary to drag the system highly reliable, but also frequent acceleration and deceleration and positive and negative, elevator dynamic characteristics and reliability improvement, while increasing the elevator ride security, comfort and efficiency. In the past, elevator speed control DC majority, in recent years gradually converted to AC motor frequency control, whether Japan or Germany. Many of our elevator plants are scrambling to use the frequency control to equip the elevator. Such as Shanghai Mitsubishi, Guangzhou Hitachi, Qingdao Fuji, Tianjin Otis, etc. are used AC frequency control. Many of the original production of the elevator also carried out frequency conversion.

14, feeder load

Metallurgy, electricity, coal, chemical and other industries, many feeder, regardless of the disc feeder or vibration feeder, the use of frequency control effect are very significant. Jihua company dye plant sulfuric acid production line of the disk feeder, the original slip speed, low frequency torque, fault, often card transfer. After the use of frequency control, because it is asynchronous machine, high reliability, energy saving, more importantly, and the temperature transmitter closed loop to ensure the accuracy of conveying materials, and will not make the oxidant delivery over-temperature caused by the accident, to ensure the production Orderly.

15, stacking machine load

Stacker reclaimer is the main equipment of coal field, wharf and mine material, and the main function is heap and reclaiming. To achieve automatic stacking and semi-automatic reclaiming material to improve the reliability of equipment, equipment running smoothly, no impact and shaking phenomenon, take the process according to 1 / cosφ rotation speed, improve the bucket wheel reclaiming efficiency and belt coal Uniformity, very popular with workers.

16, fan class load

Fan load, is a large amount of equipment, steel, power plants, colored, mining, chemical, textile, chemical fiber, cement, paper and other industries more applications. The majority of the use of adjustable baffle opening open air volume, waste a lot of power, using frequency control, you can save power and reduce mechanical wear and prolong equipment life.

17, mixer load

Chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry is very much mixer, the use of variable frequency speed control to replace other speed mode, the benefits of special.

18, spinning machine class load

Spinning process complex, more than the station, requiring tension control, and some require position control. Using frequency control effect is good.

19, special power supply class load

Many power sources, such as experimental power, aircraft drag power (400Hz) can be used to complete the frequency conversion device, the advantage is less investment, quick, small size, easy to operate.

20, paper machine load

China's paper industry, paper machine, requiring high precision SCR SCR speed control mode, and some with slip motor, commutator motor. Due to the existence of slip ring and carbon brush caused by reliability and accuracy is not high. Leading to backward papermaking machinery, the general speed of only 200m / min or so, difficult to compare with foreign 2000m / min. Therefore, the frequency conversion of papermaking machinery is the trend.

21, washing equipment class load

Large hotel washing machines and ironing equipment in the past more use of mechanical speed control or variable speed, can only provide a speed or speed, the need for repeated washing of the fabric is not ideal. Using frequency control, greatly improve the efficiency of washing machines.

22, musical fountain class load

Very much to attract visitors to the music fountain, the level of its water and the amount of size is controlled by the frequency.

23, grinder and other mechanical load

Grinder spindle misses the high speed, the need for power frequency is also high, there are 200Hz, 400Hz or even 800Hz. Before the spindle motor power supply by the IF generator drag. IF unit bulky, low efficiency, noisy, poor accuracy.

24, cigarette machine class load

Cigarette industry in the past imported cigarettes, regardless of Molin 8 or Molin 0, are not stepless speed regulation. Therefore, the cigarette industry is mainly to solve the stepless speed regulation and reliability issues, technology is simple, easy to use inverter, a great effect.

25, vibration reduction and noise reduction

A lot of load, such as large air compressor, IF unit noise, vibration. Using frequency conversion technology, can reduce noise and noise, to the standard within.

26, printing machine load

Most of the printing and dyeing machinery are multi-unit joint work equipment. Process requirements of the unit to the same line speed synchronous operation and maintain a constant tension, otherwise it will break cloth, wrapped cloth, uneven color, color is not enough, shrinkage is too large and other quality problems. The previous printing and dyeing machinery, whether it is a total power supply or sub-power mode are used DC speed control system.

Because of the inherent shortcomings of DC, printing and dyeing industry, the gradual use of AC frequency conversion technology. Rotary screen printing machine from the cloth unit, printing unit, drying room conduction belt unit and the fall of the unit, belonging to the printing and dyeing system in a complex. Using speed control to form speed chain control. Synchronous performance, high precision, high reliability.

27, injection molding machine class load

Injection molding machine is the key to the processing of plastic molding equipment, the number of large, large power consumption. The past, more energy-saving way through the △ type (triangular type) into Y-type (star) to save electricity, the effect of the general. The use of frequency control does not change the original structure of the injection molding machine to control the flow of several pumps or flow (such as clamping, clamping, injection, pressure, stripping, die, etc.), saving 20% %, Better to replace the past, the proportion of the valve throttling speed mode, a significant reduction in energy consumption, the Pearl River Delta, a number of injection molding plants have carried out frequency conversion. When transforming the injection molding machine, pay attention to the acceleration of mold clamping, otherwise the output will be reduced, pay attention to the input and output harmonic interference.

28, sewage treatment and other environmental protection class load

Environmental protection more and more attention, it is related to the survival of human environment. Ever since clean energy, green cities are there. Frequency control can be used in three aspects of the environmental class load. One is the industrial sewage treatment, the second is the garbage power plant, the third is the industrial smoke, exhaust, dust control.

29, glass, ceramics, pharmaceutical, beverage, food, packaging and other production line load

Glass, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, beverages, food, packaging and other production lines using frequency control, have achieved very good results.

30, offshore oil platform load

Oil drilling using AC motor frequency control is much better than the DC speed, especially in the sand, dusty places, because the AC motor reliable. Offshore oil drilling platform, the need for frequency control device.

31, submersible pump load

Submersible pump oil production is a way of oil production. Submersible pump more than 1800m in the wells below the work, the majority of the use of frequency full pressure start, constant speed operation, the following ills:

Ø The starting current is too large and can damage the motor insulation

O produce impact torque, damage machine pump structure;

The pump suddenly produces a larger suction, easy to inhale the sand, causing the card pump. And no voltage regulator system and downhole surface fluctuations, resulting in voltage and current instability, so that the submersible motor over-excitation and under-excitation, causing failure.

32, polyester slice load

Polyester chip is one of the main products of the petrochemical industry, due to the high precision frequency control, easy to control a number of control points, stable and reliable, the use of frequency control can increase product quality, to bring great benefits to the enterprise. Many enterprises in the expansion are used frequency control technology.

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