The inverter is applied to the dyeing machine load

- Jan 25, 2019 -

Most printing and dyeing machines are devices that work in multiple units. The process requires that each unit run synchronously at the same line speed and keep the tension constant, otherwise it will break the cloth, wrap, uneven chromaticity, insufficient color, and excessive shrinkage. In the past, the printing and dyeing machine used a DC speed control system in either the common power supply mode or the partial power supply mode.

Because of the inherent shortcomings of DC, the printing and dyeing industry has gradually adopted AC frequency conversion technology. The rotary screen printing machine is composed of a feeding unit, a printing unit, a drying belt guiding unit and a falling unit, and belongs to a complicated one in the printing and dyeing speed control system. Speed control is used to form speed chain control. Good synchronization performance, high precision and high reliability.


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