the Structural features of GGD low votlage switchgear

- Sep 19, 2017 -

■ GGD AC low-voltage distribution cabinet cabinet in the form of general cabinets, frame with 8MF cold-formed steel local welding assembly, and 20-mode mounting holes, high common coefficient.

■ GGD cabinet full consideration of the heat problem in the cabinet at both ends of the upper and lower ends of a different number of heat slot, when the cabinet electrical components heat, the heat rise through the upper slot discharge, and cold air constantly from the bottom slot added Cabinet, so that the sealed cabinet from bottom to top to form a natural ventilation, to achieve the purpose of heat.

■ GGD cabinet in accordance with the requirements of modern industrial product design, the use of golden section of the design of the cabinet shape and the size of the various parts of the division, so that the whole cabinet nice, new look.

■ The top cover of the cabinet can be removed when needed to facilitate the assembly and adjustment of the main busbar. The four corners of the cabinet are equipped with rings for lifting and shipping.

■ cabinet protection class IP30, the user can also be in accordance with the requirements of the environment between IP20-IP40 choice.

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