The Structure of AMVI series medium voltage VFD

- Jan 30, 2019 -

AMVI series medium voltage VFD has the following structure: 

3-10kv power supply goes from the MV bypass cabinet to the isolated phase -shifting transformer, passing through the deputy windings of the multi-isolation, supply power to several IGBT power units of each phase separately. 

Medium voltage output to the medium voltage motor is realized by putting multiple power unit in cascade superposition per phase, as the unit output is connected in series. 

It's the medium voltage VFD of medium voltage source type which uses the advanced multilevel isolation technique. 

By putting several IGBT power units in series superposition, the output is got in a form of pure sine wave, realizing the high input power factor, low input current harmonics. 

It's the real perfect harmony free VFD.


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