three-phase AC motor has a wide range of applications

- Jan 31, 2019 -

As the three-phase AC induction motor is simple, durable, adaptable, low price, so high-voltage high-capacity three-phase AC motor has a wide range of applications. 

However, due to the grid power supply voltage, frequency constant, so in many applications AC motor caused a huge waste of energy. 

As an efficient, energy-saving, non-harmonic pollution of high-voltage high-power variable frequency drive equipment (Simple refer to MV VFD),the frequency and power of this series MV VFD will be converted to frequency, voltage are continuously adjustable power supply, to achieve motor speed operation, in a variety of complex occasions To meet the motor speed regulation and energy requirements. 

The series vfd is suitable for 3kV to 12KV various high-voltage motors, with appropriate control can make the motor running in the best condition. 

Whether it is the new system design or the transformation of the old system, the series VFD can not only play a significant energy saving effect, but also can achieve the system automation operation, improve system stability and reliability, improve production technology, increase equipment use Life, reduce system maintenance.

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