VFD common sense

- Oct 12, 2018 -

1. What is a VFD?

The VFD is a power control device that converts one frequency into another frequency by using the on/off function of the power semiconductor device.

2. What is the difference between PWM and PAM?

It is the abbreviation of Pulse Amplitude Modulation. It is a modulation method that changes the pulse amplitude of the pulse train according to a certain rule to adjust the output value and waveform.

3. What is the difference between voltage type and current type?

The main circuit of VFD can be divided into two types: voltage type is a VFD that converts the direct current of the voltage source into an alternating current, the filtering of the direct current circuit is a capacitor, and current type is a VFD that converts the current of the current source into an alternating current. Its DC loop filtering is an inductor.

what is a vfd ?

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