vfd's common sense

- Nov 16, 2018 -

1. In the manual, the shift range is 50~5Hz, that is, 10:1. Is there no output power below 6Hz?

The power can still be output below 6 Hz, but according to the conditions of the motor temperature rise and the starting torque, the minimum use frequency is about 6 Hz. At this time, the motor can output the rated torque without causing serious heat generation. The actual output frequency (starting frequency) of the inverter is 0.5~3Hz according to the model.


2. For the combination of general motors, the torque is required to be above 50 Hz. Is it ok?

Usually not allowed. Above 50Hz, the voltage is constant, and it is generally constant power. When the same torque is required at high speed, attention must be paid to the choice of motor and inverter capacity.


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