Vibration motor common faults and treatment methods

- Jun 05, 2018 -

Vibration motor common faults and treatment methods

Symptom 1: The motor cannot start after the power is turned on.

Possible Causes:

1. Short circuit between the stator windings and grounding of the stator windings.

2, stator winding wiring error.

3, the load is too heavy, the rotor is blocked.


1, check the open circuit, short circuit, grounding and repair;

2, check the winding wiring, and correct;

3, reduce the load and eliminate obstacles.

Symptom 2: The temperature rise of the motor is too high or smoke

Possible Causes:

1, the load is too heavy;

2, winding short circuit;

3, winding wiring error;

4, the winding into the wiring or the short circuit between the windings;

5, motor rotor broken bar;

6, the word rotor wipe;

7, the power supply voltage is too low.


1, reduce the load or replace the motor;

2, repair the short circuit location;

3, check the winding wiring, and correct;

4, find the fault and repair;

5, replace the rotor;

6. Measure the air gap and bearing wear of the motor and repair it.

Symptom 3 : bearing overheating

Possible Causes:

1, bearing wear or quality problems;

2, bearing grease too much or too little, the model is wrong or the quality is not good;

3, bearing inner ring and fit too loose or too tight;

4. The outer ring of the bearing and the end cover are too loose or too tight;

5, the end cap and bearing inner cover assembly quality is not good.


1, replace the bearing;

2, adjust the grease;

3, when it is too loose, it can add a circle of metal to the shaft for reprocessing; when it is too tight, it can be re-added with the bearing file;

4. When loosening, the bearing chamber of the end cap can be enlarged and installed, and the bearing chamber can be reprocessed when it is too tight;

5, remove and reload, so that the bearing force evenly.

Symptom 4: The motor housing is charged

Possible Causes:

1, winding insulation damage;

2, the winding moisture;

3, lead damage or too much dirt.


1. Repair insulation and dry the paint;

2, drying or dipping paint drying;

3, replace the lead, clean up the grime.

Symptom 5: Bottom break

Possible Causes:

1. The anchor bolt is not tightened;

2, the installation plane is not flat.


1. Regularly tighten the bolts;

2, re-install the installation plane.

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