What is motor protection level?

- Dec 15, 2017 -

What is motor protection level? What does this mean?

For example, the motor of ip23 means that the motor can prevent intrusion of solid objects larger than 12 mm and prevent human fingers from touching internal parts to prevent intrusion of medium size (12 mm in diameter) foreign objects. Can prevent the spray of water intrusion, or to prevent the vertical angle of less than 60 degrees to spray the water into the damage.

The IP (INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION) Degree of Protection system was drafted by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Motor will be classified according to the characteristics of dust-proof and moisture-proof. Here refers to the foreign objects containing tools, human fingers, etc. are not exposed to the live part of the motor, in order to avoid electric shock. IP protection level is composed of two figures, the first number that the motor from the dust to prevent foreign intrusion levels, the first two figures that the motor anti-moisture, waterproof intrusion of airtight degree, the greater the word Lou said its protection level The higher.

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