What is the control cabinet?

- Oct 11, 2017 -

Control cabinet is mainly to achieve some control functions, generally contain switches, relays or PLC and the like, specifically speaking, according to the electrical wiring requirements of the switchgear, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment assembled in a closed or semi-enclosed metal cabinet or screen On its layout should meet the normal operation of the power system requirements, easy maintenance, does not endanger the safety of personal and surrounding equipment. Normal operation can be switched on or off by means of manual or automatic switching. Malfunction or abnormal operation with the protection of electrical cut off the circuit or alarm. By measuring the instrument can display the various parameters in operation, but also for some electrical parameters to adjust the deviation from the normal working state to prompt or send a signal.

There are many varieties of control cabinet, like electrical control cabinet, frequency control cabinet, low voltage control cabinet, high pressure control cabinet, water pump control cabinet, power control cabinet, explosion control cabinet, elevator control cabinet ,, soft start control cabinet, PLC control cabinet, fire control cabinet, brick machine control cabinet and many more.

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