what's the difference between low voltage and medium voltage vfd ?

- Feb 12, 2019 -

Low Voltage Variable Frequency Drives AVF580

  Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives AMV-IV


Input Voltage Range: AC 220V, 3AC 220V~690V

Input Voltage Range: 3AC 3.3KV--12KV

Input Frequency:    50HZ   

Input Frequency:      50HZ

Output Frequency:   0~600HZ  

Output Frequency:     0~50HZ

Power Range:       0.25---800KW  

Power Range:         250KW-5000KW


V/F Control, V/F with PG, Sensorless Vector Control,

Closed Loop Vector Control(Optional)    

Perfect output waveform,harmonics free


Winder Application      

High power factor, high efficiency

Optional Smart PLC   

Motor speed control&soft starter enabled

Auto Sequence      

Reduce operation and maintenance cost

Droop Control            

Easy operation

Built-in RS485 Modbus RTU Communication   

Perfect protection and auto-diagnosis for fault

PLC control,

HMI display,local/ remote control(optional),

Reversed communication interface,

Modbus/Devicenet/Profibus/Tcp/Ip  (optional)


Plastic&Textile Machines

Energy-saving air compressor


Fan&Pump/HVAC/AHU/Blowers machine/ID/FD Fan

Food&Packaging industry etc

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