What should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of MV inverter?

- Jul 27, 2017 -

In the fault processing of the medium voltage frequency converter, the key to improve the equipment operation effectively is to quickly determine the location of the equipment fault and to deal with it effectively.

This also puts forward higher requirements to the frequency converter maintenance personnel, so what are the requirements in the fault handling of the medium voltage inverter?.

1. effective daily maintenance

Work out the maintenance manual and check the daily inspection items, such as cleaning the frequency converter at the stop, testing the fan and precharge circuit of the inverter. Make sure the spare parts are stored in order to avoid any damage when there is no spare parts.

2. training and education of personnel

The technical content of medium voltage inverter is relatively high, due to the high voltage DC bus in inverter which can cause serious damage to human body, therefore, the need for training of maintenance personnel, so that they need to pay attention to the maintenance of master inverter requirements and specific maintenance, improve maintenance personnel technical level, so as to avoid maintenance personnel in equipment maintenance the device causes two damage.

3., do a good job of frequency converter dust treatment

Medium voltage inverter is relatively high in humidity, dust and temperature, so it is necessary to do the dust treatment of frequency converter according to the actual operation condition of inverter. It is recommended to use water-cooled frequency converter in places with higher dust content. The insulation gap of the inverter allows for a small amount of dry dust, but the presence of conductive dust must be avoided. Dust produces dust in high humidity air and must be disposed of in the inverter. In particular, it is necessary to keep the surface of the semiconductor device clean, and at the same time, the fabric terminals of the insulated terminals and the low inductance bus assembly shall be kept dry and clean. In the inverter maintenance process, can choose the surface clean, dry cloth to wipe the cabinet, wipe with cloth should choose non pilling materials, in the process of cleaning, by changing the fabric surface, to ensure complete removal of dust. If there is excessive dirt accumulation, you can add a small amount of alcohol on the cloth, you can use a brush and vacuum cleaner, you can use compressed air for some places you can't touch. In the dust processing, by examining the fouling of a filter, if found fouling air, you can choose the way of replacing the filter piece.

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