Which parts of the frequency converter must be replaced periodically?

- Jul 27, 2017 -

A frequency converter consists of many electronic components, such as semiconductor components, which involve the replacement of a related part in use and maintenance. Due to the composition of the inverter or physical characteristics of the reasons, in a certain period of time will produce degradation, and thus will reduce the frequency converter characteristics, and even cause failure. In order to prevent maintenance, it is necessary to replace it regularly.

Replace cooling fan

The cooling fan inverter main circuit of semiconductor device to speed up the cooling, ensure the normal operation of the following allows wendy. The life of the cooling fan is limited to the bearing, approximately 10000~35000h. When the inverter runs continuously, it is necessary to replace the fan or bearing in a few years.

The replacement period of the cooling fan is greatly affected by the ambient temperature. The cooling fan must be replaced immediately when the abnormal sound is detected and abnormal vibration is detected.

Capacitor replacement

In the intermediate DC circuit, the large capacity electrolytic capacitor is used. Because of the influence of pulse current and other factors, the performance of the electrolytic capacitor is deteriorated. The deterioration is greatly affected by the ambient temperature and the conditions of use, under normal circumstances, the use of a period of about 5 years, the deterioration of the capacitor into the rapid development after a period of time, so check the longest week for one year, close to life is the last for less than half a year.

Change timer

The timer will change considerably after several years of use, so replace it after checking the action time.

Replace fuse

Fuse Rated current and load current, under normal operating conditions, life expectancy of about 10 years, need to be checked, maintained, and even replaced at this time.

Replace relay / contactor

When the relay and contactor reach a certain number of accumulated switches, they will come into contact with each other, which will need to be checked and replaced.

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