Why the inverter can not be equipped with leakage protector?

- Oct 16, 2017 -

When using the inverter, never use the leakage protector. This is a major principle used in frequency converters. Some customers in the use of the inverter, the frequency changer selected the corresponding leakage protector. The final result is: the drive starts, the leakage protector moves, the system simply can not run. why? The principle of the leakage protector is that the zero sequence current is zero. When using the inverter, the zero sequence current can not be zero. The output side of the inverter for the PWM wave, the motor cable and the earth has a long cable between the capacitor effect, the use of shielded cable, the capacitor effect is more obvious. In the inverter work, the capacitor in the charge and discharge, a current through the capacitor into the earth, and from the line side of the ground wire and then flow back to the inverter, the formation of current loop. If a leakage protector is used on the line side, it will act to shut off the system. SO, do not for your inverter with a leakage protector. If you want to ensure safety, do the equipment on the line.


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