Application Of Frequency Converter In Textile Industry

- Nov 20, 2018 -

The frequency converter is used in spinning machinery.Including open cleaning machine, carding machine, strip winding machine, combing machine, draw frame and roving machine, spinning frame and Luo machine. For the weaving machine, there are sizing machines, warping machines and so on. In addition,AC frequency converters are used in knitting machines, non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber machines, and printing and dyeing machines.

  1. Characteristics of AC frequency conversion speed regulation

1.1 Reduce power consumption and reduce costs

Textile mills need air conditioning equipment. When the air conditioner motor is controlled by the frequency converter, the power consumption is reduced, and the power consumption is greatly saved. According to the data provided by a company, 12 air conditioners can save more than RMB 240,000 in electricity, and the average consumption of air conditioners has dropped by 6 or 7 percentage points.

1.2 Simplified organization improves performance

The roving frame uses the AC frequency conversion speed regulation to remove the cone wheel shifting mechanism, thereby overcoming the problem that the taper wheel shifting belt is not slippery.

For the spinning frame, since the forming cam in the forming mechanism is removed by the frequency converter, the phenomenon that the peach bottom is stopped and the peach top is impacted by the forming cam is overcome. The shape of the spun yarn is good, then it will facilitate high-speed unwinding of the next process. At the same time, the frequency converter is used to control the speed of the main motor which controls the rotation speed of the spindle, so that the rotation speed of the spun yarn changes during producing the large, medium and small yarns.It will reduce the yarn breakage rate.

Application of frequency converter

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