AUBO 2019 New Year Party Full Record

- Jan 31, 2019 -


Daquan Lake is still quietly guarding the Zhi Maling.
Every morning, the sun caresses this ancient town.
We still pursue our dreams through Zhufeng Road.
The various tools with the roar of the machine are the most gorgeous symphonies that our AUBO plays every day.
The exchange of the four seasons is in the blink of an eye.
We also ushered in the annual New Year's party.


(1) Preparation for tension
At this annual party, the company adjusted its previous ideas and tried to make a different annual party. After repeated discussions in the previous period, the company determined that the annual meeting will be the theme of hard work + gratitude for the annual meeting, and by Director Yang. Leading the organization of the annual meeting of the annual meeting led by Chen Du, the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

At the beginning of the Preparatory Committee, the corresponding specific work arrangements were made, and the tedious preparations for the annual party were launched in such a tense and orderly manner.

As the highlight of this annual party --going to the outstanding hometown of the employees to shoot the Thanksgiving theme film, Yang was the first to take the lead, spending two days before and after, driving back and forth nearly a thousand kilometers, filming the family of four groups of employees, and took the company Blessings and greetings, and these efforts are carried out in an extremely confidential state. Time is tight and the task is naturally presented.


At the same time, other related preparatory work, venues, prizes, various awards, and related video shooting and post-editing of the annual meeting were also in place in orderly, only for the 1.27 curtain.

(2) Opening of the drama

On January 27th, Sunday, the Pablo Eco Valley, a well-prepared drama is about to start.

As a brand new annual meeting, the Preparatory Committee also invited the heavyweight guests in accordance with the requirements of the company. They are: President of Zhuzhen Chamber of Commerce: President Fang Fufeng, Head of Zhuzhen Enterprise Service Center / Zhuzhen Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce: Wang Haijun, Representative of Zhuzhen Zijin Rural Commercial Bank: Yu Guozhong, General Manager of Nanjing Jiu Ming Machinery: Zhu Jiusheng, General Manager of Jiangsu Shangluo Electronic Machinery Co., Ltd.: Tan Yongjian, General Manager of Wuhan Astar Technology Co., Ltd.: Chen Ming.

In particular, General Manager Tan of Jiangsu Shangluo Electronic Machinery Co., Ltd. specially added two special special prizes to our annual meeting. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude.

According to the established plan, the annual party first carried out a large photo session. The hard-working AUBO people showed a happy smile in the sunny Pablo:


Immediately after the beautiful welcoming Chen Jianhua and Li Mingting, everyone has drawn their own admission serial numbers. This year's admission serial number is the order of everyone's tricks. I look forward to your good luck!


The neatly sorted golden eggs are waiting for the grand prize owner:


The staff of the Preparatory Committee is still busy, the last left sprint for the last moment:



After the warmth of the host Guo Jun and Gong Haifei, Mr. Yang brought us the theme sharing of "AUBO's 2018 and 2019" to open the first chapter of this annual meeting: Fighting 2018:


In the simple sharing of Yang,  we reviewed the wonderful 2018 of AUBO, and also looked forward to our beautiful 2019. With the joy of singing together, Yang painted a better 2019 blueprint for us.

Then, the first major award of this annual meeting will follow: the award of outstanding leaders and excellent employees.

The list of outstanding leaders are: Wu Nie, Guo Jun, Lu Xiaodong, Lu Yuling, and Zang Wei. As the best team leader of AUBO, Mr. Yang personally awarded them a certificate of honor. They led the AUBO people to one after another. The good results also cultivated a lot of future reserve power for AUBO. The applause from the audience is the biggest compliment to their work in one year:


Then the excellent employees also came to the stage to receive their highest honor of 2018, please remember their names (ranking first): Liu Jiyong, Zhu Conglin, Fang Jun, Lu Haibin, Wang Depeng, Wang Lingling, Xu Xiaojuan, Xu Xiaoqing, Liu Shibing, Gu Xinghua, Qiu Yang, Guo Qimei, Chen Jianhua, Lin Qiuxiang, Zhang Pei, Zhang Min, Wu Si, Zhao Qin, Lin Shouyi, Chen Wenpan, Chen Yu.


Thank you, thank you for these excellent representatives of AUBO!

The first award gave the scene a lot of room temperature, and then Yang Haoran took us a guitar show. As the first literary show, the young man withstood the pressure and confidently played a song for everyone. "Eyes" won a full house, Xiaobian in this quiet gossip, Yang students playing far beyond the usual rehearsal level, it seems to belong to the live players, thank the young man for bringing us such a wonderful opening show.

Related videos, please see the bottom of the page to record the full version of the video >>

When everyone is still immersed in the rhythm of the electric guitar, Zhu Xinyi's dance with Indian characteristics instantly pushes the party into another climax. Xiao Guliang reveals the love of dance, the movement is relaxed and natural, and the expression is vividly in place. The last frog was to make thunderous applause from the audience, and praised by hand!

Later, when the music of "Three In Heaven" sounded, the thoughts seemed to be brought back to the step by step. Wusi (Sissi)who comes from AUBO  foreign trade team brought a clean stream to the venue. With soothing tunes, people can relax in an instant, and the heart dances with her.

The wonderful performance of the art has just ended. Under the announcement of the host Guo Jun, the first wave of golden eggs officially debut!

The prizes of this annual meeting were extremely rich, and the way to take the golden eggs, the little friends rubbed their shoulders, this is not just the first round, it was destroyed by a strong man with a hammer of golden eggs... ...


After the first round of Golden Egg, the awards broke out. Everyone's face was filled with a happy smile. This is not only a fortune, but also the company's concern and concern for every AUBOers.

The venue lights dimmed, and a "Heavenly Sky" slowly flowed out of the speakers. It was a gratefulness to the parents. It was the warmest affection. The 2019 Thanksgiving trip of AUBO Electric spread in such a melody. Also opened the second chapter of the AUBO 2019 W New Year Party: Thanksgiving 2019...

Website system version problem, please click the link below to view the video directly at Youku:

As the AUBO 2019 New Year Party's grateful chapter. From shooting to editing, it contains too much sweat and emotion. It can't play the simple words of the parents:

We can't forget the expectations of Zhang Pei's parents.

We can't forget Zhang Min's mother's smile.

We can't forget Caiyue's grandmother's care for hers children, and it is the spur and encouragement of every AUBO people. We work hard. Isn't it just for a beautiful family?

At the end of the video, AUBO solemnly made a commitment to provide pensions to the parents of four outstanding AUBO people from this year. As long as you are accompanied by AUBO, AUBO has been working with you to raise your parents! The four happy AUBOers also took the parents to the stage to receive the plaques and warm photos of the Glorious Family.


Yes, the company fulfilled its promise and distributed cash-worthy stocks to the qualified AUBO people on the spot. Everyone got more than just a dollar, but also a trust, responsibility, and the future!

In the final round of the Golden Egg Draw Awards, a new climax was ushered in. The most mysterious grand prize was spent, and the last one was finally hammered, and the last special prize of this annual meeting was put in the bag. All the awards will be famous, and there will be winning students. I look forward to the next year's grand prize~

Finally, in the concluding remarks of the host, the literary and artistic performances of this annual party are all over.

Everyone walks in the direction of the factory with the harvest and thanksgiving. The last part of the annual party of AUBO:

The AUBO family feast.

Early in the morning, when we were preparing for the annual party, AUBO's kitchen chefs also began to work hard and carefully prepared a feast for us. In our hardworking workshop, everyone gathered around the round table and chatted about the parents and talked about the vision.

In the coming new year, laughter drifts in the workshop, passing through the cabinets we made by ourselves, sheet metal parts, painting parts...

After the delicious family feast, the fireworks show led by the outstanding leaders of AUBO was staged. The fireworks in the sky lit up the site of AUBO, and it illumined the hearts of every AUBO people. We hope that AUBO's furture is as colorful as the fireworks shing in the sky!


The gorgeous blooms over the Zhufeng road,
Re-lighting 2018 the bright days we walked,
It also illuminates the way we continue to move forward.
We said goodbye to each other and went out of the factory.
In the direction of the future, in the direction of the dream,
Continue to struggle, continue to be grateful, and do the best ABO!

AUBO 2019 New Year Party video full record:


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