Canada - USA Transmission Line Project Approved By US Department Of Energy

- Nov 22, 2017 -

November 16, the US Department of Energy approved the North Passage transmission line project. The project will transfer up to 1.09 GW of hydropower to New Hampshire from Quebec, Canada.

In a statement to the press, the Department of Energy said it has approved a so-called $ 1.6 billion presidential license that allows transmission lines to cross international borders and connect to the United States. Once approved by the On-Site Assessment Board in New Hampshire, transmission lines may begin construction as early as April 2018.

Responsible for the project is the North Channel Transmission Company. Initially proposed in 2010, it is planned to build a 309 kilometer distribution network of overhead and underground lines. The first part of the project will be the DC link from the Canadian border to Franklin, New Hampshire, where electricity is converted into electricity. Hydropower transmission is provided by the Canadian electricity company in Quebec.

According to the developers, transmission line projects will create more than 2,600 jobs, generating more than $ 600 million in annual energy cost savings for New Hampshire consumers.

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