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- Oct 18, 2018 -



              DATE:  Oct.18th,2018        SPOT: cutomers’ factory     Incident: cabinets installation


               Joint together one world, Aubo cabinets move forward


We Chinese have an olding saying “ number eight implies to be richer”..


It is AUBO's lucky day today .


Today we installed another integrated cabinets successfully in our cherished clients' spot.


No pains no gains, Practice makes perfect.

With our engineers'and workers'continuously hard working spirit and long journey fatigue overcoming courage, we had achieve another milestone in AUBO’s history.



More haste less speed. Thinking before acting.

Auboer march every tiny step one by one with our true heart and warm hospitality.

Auboer learning techniques while absorbing knowledges, keeping pace with the international society.

Auboer persue perfect in every single unit of power systems, power frequency bypasses, transformers and control systems.


.Aubo is here, waiting for your presence and audition.

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