Daily Monitoring And Inspection Of Transformer

- Jul 27, 2017 -

Transformer is a widely used equipment in modern industry, and some abnormal conditions will happen before the transformer fault occurs

This requires the actual operation status of personnel on duty seriously monitor and check the transformer, sound, vibration, smell, temperature changes from the main view during the operation of the transformer, to accurately judge whether there is abnormal phenomenon, and analyze the causes of abnormal situation, position, and take effective measures to deal with.

1. check whether the upper temperature of transformer is higher than allowable range. Each transformer has a load, different cooling conditions, the actual operation of the process should not only keep the upper temperature in acceptable range, at the same time, but also with the operation experience of the past and in the above case and the last oil were compared. If the oil temperature is very high, then it is necessary to check whether the cooling device is normal or not, and whether the oil circulation has been damaged or not, so as to find out whether there is any internal fault in the transformer.

2. check the oil quality. The actual examination of oil quality, if transparent, with yellow, can be judged on the quality of oil quality. The oil level must be compatible with the standard line of the ambient temperature, if the oil level is too low, you need to transformer oil spill or not to check, if the oil level is too high, should check with the specific use of the cooling device, the existence of internal faults.

3. check the sound of the transformer. During the normal operation of the transformer, a buzzing electromagnetic sound will be produced. If it is found that the sound is different, it must be examined carefully and carefully. At the same time, this situation will be reported to the dispatcher on duty for the first time, and the special maintenance unit shall be treated accordingly.

4., special inspection should be strengthened during weather changes. If there is a typhoon situation, should be timely check whether there is lead swing, at the same time, there shall be no debris at the top part of the transformer casing and lead; if in the snow, each part of the contact in the snow, not immediately melt or discharge phenomenon exist; if it is foggy day, check whether the presence of spark discharge.

5. check on load voltage regulator. On load tap changer is mainly composed of switching switch, fast mechanism, selector and electric operation machine. Normally, the operation of the voltage regulation is carried out by the motor.

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