Focus On The World's Largest Thermal Power Plant Clean Transformation

- Oct 27, 2017 -

"After a comprehensive upgrade last year, 3,4 unit steam turbine heat consumption than the previous average reduction of 400 kJ / kWh, equivalent to 1 kWh per kWh before the transformation of less coal 14 grams." August 31, in Inner Mongolia Tang International Tuoketuo Power Generation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "power") in the second set of control room, power unit unit Wang Nan to the "energy" magazine reporter said.

"Unit 4 at the moment the power load is 586 megawatts, the load rate of nearly 97.6%, close to full hair." Huge two centralized control room display, real-time display unit operation and various indicators of the situation, 586MW number exception Conspicuous.

"With the No. 4 unit, a total of eight sets of 600MW units and two 660MW units, through the 500KV four-line access to the capital grid, the annual electricity generation accounts for about 25% of the total social consumption in Beijing." Wang Nan said.

Integrated upgrade after the transformation of the No. 4 unit


Known as the "thermal power carrier" of the trust, is located in Hohhot 70 kilometers southwest of Tuoketuo County, dominated the upper reaches of the Yellow River on the north shore of the Tomsomawa plain, north call, package, E "Golden Triangle" development District hinterland.

And at the beginning of the year, with the expansion of the two projects 2 sets of domestic 660,000 kilowatts ultra-supercritical units have been commercial and commercial, 6.72 million kilowatts of total installed capacity, but also to the world's largest power in the largest thermal power plant.

"As of the end of July this year, the cumulative power generation capacity of 356.98 billion kwh, continuous production and operation of the 11th anniversary of the" power party secretary Wang Dongsheng frankly, "should also see that due to substantial coal prices and electricity market terminal prices Of the continued decline in power generation enterprises are also facing a very severe market situation.

Continued for many years the "green storm" heat wave in, as the main force of the national team how to meet the difficulties? Under the conditions of market economy, what is the new problem of thermal power consumption?

2 billion clean renovation problems

20 years of service, stand-alone capacity of 300,000, 600,000 kilowatts of power plants in the north is not uncommon, they are China's past decades of heavy industry, the important support for large-scale development. And now, with the transformation of energy structure and environmental awareness of the whole people, regardless of the cost of environmental protection reform seems to be the inevitable way out.

"Coal-fired power plant ultra-low emission standards are mainly three indicators: sulfur dioxide 50mg below, nitrogen oxide 30mg below, dust 5mg the following can be said that China's thermal power plant emission standards than foreign developed countries even higher." Wang Dongsheng introduction, "At present, there are 10 units in the 12 units have completed the transformation."

Datang Tu electric project is the national "15" key projects, but also "Western Development" and "West to East" energy strategy of key projects, under the Datang Group's Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd..

As early as the eighties of the 20th century, Tuoyao began to pre-research. In November 1995, the trust was incorporated in Hohhot, and the first phase was started on August 1, 2000.

Today, the 12 sets of electricity, 8 sets of 600,000 kilowatts of thermal power units and two units of 660,000 kilowatts through the 500-kilovolt four-line "point to the network" access to the capital grid, the capital of the main power of the power grid. 2 sets of 30 million units (owned units) through the Mengxi power grid for the Datang renewable resources company power supply.

"Tengdeng completed by the end of July 2014 10 units denitrification transformation; 2015 to 2017, 10 units of the ultra-low emissions to the transformation of each unit of environmental protection investment of about 200 million yuan, the electricity 10 Taiwan unit transformation cost a total of about 20 billion yuan. "Tu power generation director Sun Yongchun to" energy "magazine reporter.

Among them, the desulfurization using limestone - gypsum wet desulfurization technology, a furnace desulfurization device; denitrification all use (low nitrogen burner + SCR) technology; dust, the 1-8 unit installed five electric field electrostatic precipitator, 9 Unit 12 installed a bag filter.

It is noteworthy that, as Tudor first technology, air and cold turbine unit combined effect of the application for the domestic similar power plant or will have a strong demonstration significance.

"The use of wet cooling unit and air cooling unit exhaust back pressure of different principles, by the air cooling unit exhaust steam heating unit cooling water, can significantly improve the temperature of condensate water cooling unit, reducing the air compressor back pressure.

In the just commercial 10 air cooling unit is below, huge fan whispered sound, almost submerged the production equipment director Li Haifeng voice, "the technology can eventually achieve winter water - saving, summer coal.

From the air overlooking the world's largest thermal power plant panorama


It is reported that although the trust is close to Asia's largest open-air coal base - Zhungeer coal mine and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, an important water source base - the Yellow River, but the trust has been actively respond to national calls to take a number of measures to save water.

"Summer energy consumption peak, can reach the maximum coal saving 20 g / kWh, saving spray in addition to 17,400 cubic meters of salt water; winter wet cooling unit to switch to the new indirect cooling tower cooling, reducing unit water consumption, Can save 1.54 million cubic meters. "Li Haifeng said.

Can not get out of the "market power"

Environmental protection under the weight of the electricity, while facing the "market power" to open up the dilemma.

"With the majority of power companies gradually participate in the Internet auction, but also continue to develop new electricity market." Wang Dongsheng said.

"In the past, we were equivalent to a workshop in the grid, where power was sent to the grid, where they were sold, the power plant did not have a dedicated marketing department, and now to meet the power reform needs, we also set up a 'marketing department' to find new electricity client."

At present, the power generation sector is difficult to support, and other industries because of the economic downturn and the general downturn in the background, the industry as a "new growth point" of the electricity sales business will undoubtedly become a number of power generation companies straw.

However, after two years, due to the use of thermal power equipment is expected to be further reduced, coupled with the continued high coal prices continue to run, in some provinces power users direct trading price reductions and the size of the transaction continues to expand and other factors, trust business performance is also more Big influence.

"Nearly three years, the number of hours of power generation enterprises to reduce the average annual 500 hours, the profit level has declined year by year." Wang Dongsheng said, "thermal power enterprise development is still facing a grim situation.

"Now, with the power overcapacity intensified, we have to plan from the 'plan + market' combination." Deputy director of the photoelectric planning department Zhang Yingxian feel this Deep.

According to its introduction, the electricity in 2017 plans to account for 70% of the total electricity, the electricity price of 0.3177 yuan / kWh; the remaining 30% for the market electricity, the final sales price according to monthly auction transactions, the monthly difference.

"The main target market is the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan region and the Shandong market.Currently, the power has been opened in these markets the situation, our marketing staff to the local publicity, through the auction has been a considerable proportion of the market power, For the future to further expand the market to lay a good foundation. "Zhang Yingxian said," really than the price, than the market, we can stand. "

"However, we should also see that the low market price is very low for us." Wang Dongsheng said, "coupled with the coal prices continue to rise, the formation of two squeeze the enterprise, the continued operation of the power plant caused some pressure.

In this regard, a reluctant to name the industry to the "energy" reporter analysis: some areas of electricity trading market, local protectionism is strong. In contrast, the Shandong electricity market is more market-oriented, the competition is the lower cost, who's stronger.

"According to reason, the market should take the market price, who the lowest cost, who is the best environmental indicators, who should sell the most electricity.But because the current part of the electricity market is not standardized, so the actual situation is not the case. Power market as soon as possible norms. "Zhang Yingxian said.

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