General Precaution-part 2

- Dec 17, 2018 -

11) Prohibition of three-phase input changed into two-phase input

Do not change the three-phase input of the AC drive into two-phase input. Otherwise, a fault will result or the AC drive will be damaged.

12)  Surge suppressor

I) AC drive has a built-in voltage dependent resistor(VDR) to suppress surge voltage generated when the inductive loads( electromagnetic contactor,  electromagnetic relay, solenoid valve, electromagnetic coil and electromagnetic brake)around the AC drive are switched on/off.

When inductive load generates a very high surge voltage, use a surge suppressor in inductive load or diode.

II)Do not install the surge suppressor on the output of the AC drive

13) Altitude and de-rating

〉1000m, the cooling effect reduce due to thin air, de-rate AC drive

Contact AUBO for technical support

14)  Some special usages

If wiring that is not described in this manual such as common DC bus is applied ,contact the agent or AUBO for technical support.

15) Disposal

electrolytic capacitor in main circuit and PCB( printed circuit board) may explode when burning, plastic parts burning generates poisonous gas, please treat as ordinary industrial waste.

16) Adaptable motor

A)The standard adaptable motor is adaptable four-pole squirrel-cage

asynchronous induction motor or PMSM(permanent magnet synchronous motor).

B)Cooling fan and rotor shaft of non variable frequency motor is coaxial ,Rotational speed declines, fan cooling effect reduces, add a more powerful  fan when motor overheats easily, or replace it with variable frequency motor.

C)standard parameter of the adaptable motor is configured, it is necessary to perform motor auto tuning or modify default value based on actual condition. Otherwise the running result and protection performance can be affected.

D) VFD alarmed or damaged if short-circuit exists on cables or inside the motor. Therefore, perform insulation short-circuit test when the motor

and cables are newly installed or during routine maintenance. 

During the test,make sure that the AC drive is disconnected from the tested parts.

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